Funny Lyrics of Hindi Songs

These days I have come across some funny lyrics in various hindi songs. I don’t know who the lyricist is but …..hats off man. One such song is from Kambakht Ishq, the lyrics go like this…”you’re my baby but u r driving me crazy crazy boy…you’re my baby but ur driving driving…….continues. These lyrics are said to be from a hindi song, but what I understand is its neither hindi nor english nor any thing else. These songs are played on television and radio so often that they get into your brain and you keep humming them unconsciously. Every time I sing this song I just can’t stop laughing at myself saying what am I singing.This is real “emotional attyachar”.

There is one this song called emotional attaychar from DevD. I really dont understand how can someone think something so insane and proudly promote it. It is something like hammering from within….real emotional attyachar.You cannot understand the lyrics of the song until you read the lyrics on television…thanks to those music channels who display the lyrics.

There was a song being played yesterday, shahid kapoor doing some crazy dance in it….the movie name I could make out but the song title was so weird that I just could not pronounce….but my daughter loves all these fast beat songs, so I have to play them because that is the only way I make her eat her lunch. “Bache kya kya nahi karwate “

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